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mystery juice  back

00:25: Sean says "go", but lyrics in cd booklet say "know". Could be lyrical mess-up.

02:11 - 02:58: Anything can be said about this thrash-core part of the song, but I wouldnt try to dissect it. Same for the improvisations.

into the sun  back

02:07: Miho hits a slightly sour note on "in": "i will follow you into the sun..."

home  back

00:16: Seems the double tracking on the vocals are hitting slightly different notes, and create a strange effect on the word "fade".

00:43, 00:52, 01:57: (right channel)On the lead sliding guitar, it hits frets to create a strange and cool effect.

bathtub  back

00:43: Low voice (?) under "wish I..."

00:44: the "I wish I'd never lied" lyric sounds very obscured - you'd think with the double tracked vocals, he could have dubbed over it :P

01:04 - 01:06: (right channel) Guitar track messes up a bit, sounds like the pick was fumbled. NEW!

01:22: Guitar string "buzz" (?) (right channel). NEW!

01:50 - 02:01: Sean seems to have dry mouth or something - his voice gets real gravely.

02:06: Under "is on...", someone's voice - might be saying "is on...", but not singing - same as 00:43?

03:24 - End: Every time "around" sung, there a crude vocal effect (refer to "Home").

one night  back

00:00 - 00:04: Mouth noises, then a small exhale of breath (nasal?). NEW!

00:23: Mouth noises again. NEW!

00:58: "Fwip" on guitar track. NEW!

02:03: Bump sound (left channel). NEW!

02:05: Mouth noises, again. NEW!

spaceship  back

00:00 - 00:01: Bump, microphone? Probably trailing off from "One Night". NEW!

photosynthesis  back

02:59: "2, 3, 4" count-in for the latin percussion...could be Sean, or EJ Rodriguez (who played the latin percussion). NEW!

06:13: Right channel cuts out, then comes back in. NEW!

06:30: Sounds like microphone/bass drum being bumped. Goes until about 6:39. NEW!

queue  up

two fine lovers  back

00:18: Sean's voice seems to hit a little sour note on "feel". NEW!

01:45 - 01:49: Sean saying "Go with that", and then a little laugh. NEW!

02:48: The vocal tracks sing two different lines - "swimming under water' and "so much to discover". Obviously unintentional! NEW!

part one of the cowboy trilogy  back

wasted  back

breeze  back

sean's theme  back