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January 26, 1999: Wow, haven't updated for a long time (6 days)...crap, that's bad. Oh well. While I'm here, I'd like to thank Eran Klausner for taking the concert pictures below. They are from Sean's performance in Sydney, Australia, 22 January. I'd also like to thank Steve Thomas (who was there as well) for e-mailing these pictures to me, plus a review and a scanned autograph he got at the concert (coming soon). Wow, a vibrant week for me :)

Sean: Nothing much new today...except he's touring with the Big Day Out in Australia...speaking of which, scroll down for the Site News...

Site: Here are the pictures from the concert (NOTE: There are more, but I'll be posting them later):

And here is Steve Thomas's autographed programme from the show:

Please do not use these pictures, for they belong solely to the original owners.

January 20, 1999: It seems that many other Sean sites are fizzling: countless claiming "fan pages" in which the person starts it, then gets bored with it. And with the recent abandonment of RDDAA, it's like there are only a few (Shadows On The Wall, etc.) that are truly devoted to Sean. I say, if you want to make a web site, it should be a commitment, otherwise, do not make the hassle of "dead pages"...most of these (not RDDAA in this case) are useless to Sean fans. Remember this, and probably the only few sites you need to see are listed here (I'm listing pages that are chock full of Sean information and interaction): Grand Royal Records - Shadows On The Wall - UBL.

Sean: Sean is STILL touring with the Big Day Out in Australia. Check him out tomorrow (the 21st) at the Bondi Pavillion in Sydney. If you have seen any previous Sean concerts, please send me your experience with him...and if you met him, even better, pictures and autographs, please send them to me at

Site: I uploaded a new tablature (making it 8 tabs!)'s of Bathtub (NOTE: it's not mine). So go see it in the Guitar Tablatures section. Also, I'd like to share some I've known for a while on Into The Sun: at the end of the album, there is some improvisation vocals, clapping, and drums. Have you heard it? I'm going to tape it onto this site for all ears to hear, so stay tuned! See ya next time!

January 18, 1999: I just transcribed the Sean interview from the February 1999 issue of Guitar World (which I found very hard to type up...longer than I thought!) so go read it here...There is also a picture of Sean from the column and the cover, so you know what it looks like (both to the left and right of this column). Very interesting...a lot of talk about the Sixties. Read it now!

Sean: Sean is STILL touring with the Big Day Out in Australia (he's not play today, but the 21st)...scroll down to see the official dates

Site: Obviously the column, but other than that, nothing much, except I tweaked some things.

January 17, 1999: Picked up the February 1999 issue of Guitar World (John Lennon on the cover) with the (short) Sean Lennon interview (although it seems it was performed before Sean's birthday, as they list his age as 22). Also this mag has a lot on John Lennon, Frank Zappa and more.

Sean: Sean's still touring with the Big Day he was in (or is still?) Gold Coast, Australia at The Parklands...if you got the chance to see it (or any previous Sean concerts) send me your review at only have one so far (which I have not posted yet), so send them in!

Site: I scanned the picture from the Guitar World interview (view it here and one that looks similar here). A must have, but ask permission before you use it on your own site! Other than that, nothing yet. I am typing up the interview as we speak!

January 16, 1999: Lately, I've been listening to the Half Horse / Half Musician EP and I've notice some weird things...

1. On the cover, it obviously says the title Half Horse / Half Musician but on the inside it says the complete opposite: Half Musician / Half Horse

2. This isn't a mistake at all, but something that many have not noticed yet...about 15-20 seconds before 5/8 ends (basically 4:45 I think), you can hear Sean and basically the same group who made Photosynthesis and then some, talking like this:

Sean: You guys are fabulous!
(Unknown): F---ing brilliant!

Now these are strange things (and I have more!) and maybe I should explore Into The Sun as well...isnt this cool? Send me what you've discovered on any of Sean's recordings to

Sean: I guess I should have posted about this long before, but at this moment, Sean is touring in Australia with the Big Day Out. Here are the dates:

15 - Auckland, New Zealand - Big Day Out - Ericsson Stadium 
17 - Gold Coast, Australia - Big Day Out - Parklands
21 - Sydney, Australia - Bondi Pavilion 
23 - Sydney, Australia - Big Day Out - RAS Showgrounds
25 - Mebourne, Australia - Revolver 
26 - Melbourne, Australia - Big Day Out - RAS Showgrounds
29 - Adelaide, Australia - Big Day Out - RA & HS Showgrounds
31 - Perth, Australia - Big Day Out - Bassendean Oval

Like I said, I should have posted about this before, but I guess now or never is good enough (not!).

Site: Today, I basically tweaked some things (while having some of my dad's birthday cake - he's 63! If you think your family's weird, I think you've met your match *grin*)...fixed some crap in the pictures section (in which I should add more - I've had plenty comments about it), etc. See ya next time! (P.S. As, I mentioned last update, "Skywriting By Word Of Mouth" is a very (funny) sophisticated (funny) book...remember, it's by Sean's dad, John! Get it if you can from your local library or bookstore!)

January 14, 1999: Hmm, just got a book from the library called "Skywriting By Word Of Mouth" by John Lennon...great and funny book and a must have for Lennon fans, John, Sean or otherwise, with stories such as "Puma Eats Coast Guard" and "Puma Eats Scapegoat". A riot to read.

Sean: A very dry time for news so I may ned to collaborate - anyone who wants to help me with the news (I'm busy ALL the time) email me at

Site: I updated the pop-up quiz on the main page, added a new banner (check it out here) and tweaked some other things.

January 04, 1999: Well, I'm back and it's '99! Whoo hoo! Plus, I've gotten through a whole month of news! I have archived the December news for you to see (below)!

Sean: Nothing new today....bummer.

Site: I am in need of getting a counter...Tripod's counters are really crappy, so anyone who knows of a site with counters, direct me to it!

December News