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Half Horse / Half Musician

Property of Shadows On The Wall.
I had put a banner on my site a while back, in hopes of getting a limited edition Sean Lennon EP...That's all I knew about it then...

Just last night, I got a package in the mail from Grand Royal Records. Pretty exciting. I opened it when I got home, and found a wrapped CD and a note saying:

We are glad you decided to participate in our contest. You are one of the lucky few to win your very own promotional only Sean Lennon EP Half Horse Half Musician! Please continue checking out our web site for up-to-the-minute information on all of our artists and new contests all the time!

Very cool. E-mail me if you have this CD or want a copy.

NOTE: I've added RealAudio clips, owned by me. I thank Rozebludd* for the help.

1. Queue+ (Radio Mix)
2. Spaceship+ (Radio Mix)
3. Dream
4. Heart & Lung (Texas Motel Version) Lyrics
5. 5/8 Lyrics
6. Pyramid
7. Happiness (On The Bus Version) Lyrics

* The RealAudio files were recorded by me, with RealAudio Live Encoder, but stored by Rozebludd
+ The lyrics to these are the same as the Into The Sun album.